Thursday, August 12, 2010

about me

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I started this blog because I wanted to document all my lovely inspirations from around. You can call it my collection of inspirations! My love for all things pretty and creative have found me browsing various sites till the wee mornings.

There's more to the things I love...

My ambition when I was a little girl was to become a vet but I guess my 'cringe at anything gooey and eeky' didn't help me in that. So I do what I can to help out through donations and volunteer services at the local SPCA. To add to that, I also have my furry sidekicks at home to give me all that unconditional love of theirs. Meet them! and yes they get along just fine...

Sweet Treats
DESSERTS! The first section I usually look at in a menu to decide if I should dine at a particular place. I also love baking and decorating, with that Little House of Dreams was born (my art & craft loving mom helps with that) and am very happy of our results thus far. The reason for the late night web surfing is also because of our new Bespoke Dessert Table service that has recently been launched. This idea actually came from Dessert Table guru, Amy Atlas.

Meanwhile, I hope to continue spreading the beautiful work of those who have inspired me and hope that in turn you will be just as inspired!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment or just say Hello and that you've been inspired.

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