Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meri Meri

you make me merry.

and i adore the story behind...

It all began 25 years ago . . . Meredithe (who’s childhood nickname was Meri Meri) sitting at her kitchen table . . . some scissors and pens, a BIG pot of glitter. Our first cards were made that way.

The magic began . . . Local Stationery stores in Los Angeles loved those cards and asked for more. One kitchen table and one pair of scissors wasn’t enough. We needed lots of kitchen tables and an ENORMOUS pot of glitter. Then, in 1987, we presented our little range of handmade cards at the National Stationery Show in New York. The response was phenomenal. Pretty soon there were major stores like Bergdorf Goodman taking on our range for their christmas season. More kitchen tables and GREAT BIG SACKS of glitter!

The company grew from that little network of Moms working from home from Meredithe’s designs and direction.

More stores took on the range and the range kept growing. We needed a special room just for the glitter! We started making Invitations, Placecards, Gift Enclosures. We started to win awards at the GCA stationery show. We won 5 “Card of the Year” awards. More stores took on our range, from little bookstores in tiny towns to giants like Neiman Marcus.
There was glitter everywhere . . . .

I especially love her party bundles and Animal Parade is my pick.

but of course, do check out the other great stuff she has. have fun!

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